I am on a mission to help heal as many people as possible


“Melissa is the best massage therapist I have ever seen! I told her what I was experiencing and she met the goals of my treatment. She also provided me with stretches for the week, I only wish I could do this daily! Thank you so much.”
– A. W.
“She did a wonderful job. I had a tremendous amount of lower back pain to the point where I could barely move. After getting off the treatment table I can move with ease and I have no pain. Melissa is confident and effective in treatment. Thank you for your professionalism and wonderful healing touch. I will do my best to complete the stretches you showed me to alleviate the tension in my back throughout my work week.”
– K. D.
“Melissa did a fantastic job! I am completely relaxed and content. Thank you for showing me how to stretch to progress in my healing process. Please keep learning and never stop progressing for all of us!”
– G. J.
“Thank you for making me feel so comfortable during my massage. I appreciate your care and concern as a therapist. God bless you!”
– C. F.
“I am a runner training for a 5k. Melissa is the sports therapist I have been looking for to keep my body on track. Great work, thank you.”
– T. K.